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Suya Kebabs

Suya Kebabs
Written by Chinny's Kitchen

Over the last week, I found myself paying homage to my Nigerian heritage through food. I love being Nigerian for many reasons and food ranks high on my list! Nigerian food has an uplifting effect and warms you from the inside out – partly because of the spice but also because each dish is a labour of love. No matter how healthy, each and every dish is a deliciously indulgent treat that leaves you feeling good.

I lived in Nigeria for a few years growing up and one of my favourite snacks while I was there is suya (soo-yah). Suya can be described as grilled spicy beef skewers with a very subtle nutty taste. Legend has it that the beef is seasoned with a top-secret marinade recipe known only by the mallams in the North of Nigeria. Before this week, I hadn’t had suya in years so when I went to pick up a few bits from my local African-Caribbean food store and saw the suya spice, I had to give it a try! I’ve put a different spin on my suya by making it in kebab form with sweet peppers and red onions for bursts of sweetness. The suya kebabs were good, really good. Just as good as I remember. Each bite it felt like I was back in Ibadan. What’s even better is that it took just 35 minutes from start to finish!

Suya Kebabs
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Suya kebabs are grilled spicy beef skewers with a slightly nutty flavour, perfectly complemented with sweet mirabella peppers and red onions.
Recipe type: Snack
Cuisine: Nigerian
Serves: 7
  • 200g Beef Strips
  • 1 tbs Smooth Peanut Butter
  • 2 tbs Suya Spice (Africa's Finest - picture below)
  • ½ Orange/Yellow Mirabella or Bell Pepper
  • ½ Red Mirabella or Bell Pepper
  • ½ Red Onion
  • 7 Skewers
  1. Preheat the grill to medium heat.
  2. Put the peanut butter in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds until melted.
  3. Rinse and dry the beef. Transfer to the peanut butter bowl lightly coating each strip.
  4. In a separate bowl, add your suya spice. Take each peanut butter coated beef strip and dip into the suya spice ensuring that each strip is completely coated.
  5. Chop your onions and peppers into 1inch squares.
  6. Take your skewers and slide your beef strips on, folding into halves or thirds as needed for grip. Alternate beef strips and pepper and onions on the skewer to your taste.
  7. Place each skewer on a grilling rack on the middle shelf of your grill.
  8. Grill for ten minutes on each side and prepare to be amazed!

Suya Spice

Peanut butter as a meat seasoning may seem a little strange but I promise it’s hardly noticeable. It’s more of a slightly nutty undertone but it adds another dimension of flavour and authenticity to this quick-fix suya. It also acts as a great adhesive for the spice to the meat. The suya spice that I used is on the right. Suya has never been quicker, easier and more delicious to make from the comfort of your home. If you’re not keen on beef, you can always swap the beef with chicken and it’ll be just as delicious.

Suya is great as a snack, side dish or as an addition to your lunchtime salad. It’s also a good option for the clean eaters and fit fam! If you get a chance to try this recipe, I’d love to hear/see how it turned out! I’ll be working on unlocking the secret suya recipe of the mallams of northern Nigeria behind the scenes. Until then, if you have trouble finding the spice mix, drop me a message here and I’ll be happy to pick some up and post it to you.  You can also find me on InstagramPinterestFacebook and Twitter, share your creation using the hashtag #chinnyskitchen.

Thanks for reading, love you like I love suya spice in my life! x

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